Northern Chunk


Flowering indoors: 8-9 weeks

Harvest outdoors: end October

Genetics: mostly indica

Aroma: hashy, berry, gasoline



Northern Chunk is a hybrid plant (95% indica 5% sativa), it has huge dark leafs and it shows some purple coloration at the end of flowering. The buds are very tight, due to the Deep Chunk influence. The yield is good, these plants stretch a bit before flowering, this way they can pack up more buds, than a pure afghan. Very good resin producer, the effect is heavy hitting and sedating, definitely not a beginner or morning smoke. The high can last up to 4 hours, confirmed by many experienced user. We are offering the F3 generation, this is more uniform than F2, but still a lot of good phenotypes, resembling to the wonderful Deep Chunk parent.

Northern Light x Deep Chunk

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