Purple Kush


Flowering indoors: 7-8 weeks

Harvest outdoors: mid October

Genetics: 100% indica

Aroma: fruity, berry



Purple Kush is a pure breeding landrace indica from Pakistan. This is a classic hashplant, with stunning colors, ranging from pink, to dark purple. The colors show mostly on the buds, and stay visible after drying, giving it a very unique bag appeal. The leaves stay dark green, and wide, the structure is short and branchy, very indica like appearance. Some of the plants turn purple regardless of the temperature, while others stay green or light pink. The flowering is short, normally it takes 7-8 weeks, the buds produce a body-centered relaxing stone, the smoke has hints of strawberry and blackberry.

Very good resistance against mold and excellent adaptability makes easy to grow in almost any conditions. It is a real gem for cannabis breeders and kush fanatics.

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