Purple Berry Auto


Life cycle: 11-12 weeks after sowing
Height: 40-60 cm on average
Genetics: indica/ruderalis
Aroma: fruity, berry



Purple Berry Auto can flower under long daylengths, or even under continuous light, it is possible to harvest these plants outdoors early in the summer, or indoors in a vegging room. They will start flowering after 3-4 weeks of vegetative cycle, regardless of the photoperiod. We recommend growing autos in a loose coco-perlite mix, this medium provides enough oxygen in the root zone, and the plants will get bigger in size. Yields can be 25-50 grams per plant on average, but it is possible to double it up with a hydroponic system and under proper LED lights. This variety has the fastest life cycle, from seed to harvest it will take maximum 12 weeks.

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3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 100x


Regular, Feminised


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