Early Purple


Genetic background: Erdpurt IBL

Plant type: 90% indica / 10% sativa

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

Harvest outdoors: end of September

Indoor yield (gram/m2): 300-400 g/m2

Aroma: earthy, coffe

THC content: 15%


Early Purple is based on Swiss outdoor varieties, with unique purple colorings. The plants need cold temperatures to start showing colors, but when they triggered, every parts of the plant can turn purple, even the stems and pistils. A strong outdoor plant, that is fully adapted to the temperate outdoor climate, with a finishing date of mid to end of September. Yields are a reasonable, it produces medium sized compact buds. Some plants can get taller, but most of them will stay rather short, with a few side branches, this makes it easy to grow in backyards and on balconies. The odor is low, the aromas ranging from coffee, to earthy and some berry hints, very nice overall smoke.

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